XR One Questing Platform FAQs

The XR Quest platform is your first opportunity to capture your share of the limited supply Airdrop of the $XR token.
17 Apr 2024

How it works 

The XR Quest platform is your first opportunity to capture your share of the limited supply Airdrop of the $XR token. Verify your eligibility, connect your socials, contribute via community quests, and experience our XR One games. Earn tXR for your loyal and early contribution and access our airdrop/claims portal immediately after the Token Generation Event. Keep your eye on quest updates as we showcase cross collaborations, partnerships and lots of free access drops to our games and giveaways along the way.

Join forces with fellow gamers, forge alliances, and rise to the top of the tXR earnings leaderboards. 


Who is Saltwater Games?

  • We are a global games company. We have a track record of creating the highest quality, most immersive experiences where physical and virtual merge for competition, rewards, education and impact. We build premium web2 and live-service web3 games.

What is the Questing platform for?

  • SWG is launching the XR One Orbit Chain on Arbitrum to support our growing community of gamers who want to join and contribute to the bigger vision. The XR Quest platform is your first opportunity to experience what SWG has to offer, receive rewards for your contribution that will lead to direct rewards in the form of $XR during the airdrop 

How are the games shown on the platform related to XR One and the XR Quest Platform, and how do I play them?

  • Saltwater Games has a track record of developing several AAA games, from Peaky Blinders to Doctor Who. There are 3 key games that are building on the XR One Orbit Chain, Celeros, Resurgence and Free Runner Championship. You will experience all of these games via quests that will be rolled out during the XR quest campaign. 

  • If you are interested in building on the XR One chain https://saltwatergames.com/contact

What is tXR and how is it related to XR?

  • tXR is the on-chain reward that will qualify you for the $XR airdrop.

How do you validate from my 'X' account the quests I have completed?

  • We will reward you with tXR immediately after validation from either our API or the 'X' API, we will then conduct an audit near the TGE to define the airdropped value per contributor.

Is it safe to link my accounts?

  • We use secure protocols for all account connections and 'X' API and security standards ensure the protection and privacy of your data.

What is involved in this campaign?

  • There will be a series of contribution tasks you are asked to do, covering social media interactions, joining our community groups and playing our games. Different activities yield different rewards.

There are other partner projects for XR One, will I benefit from being or joining another partner platform?

  • We will announce a series of partnerships throughout the campaign, keep your eye open for ways to collaborate with our carefully selected partners and earn more tXR. 

Are there any fees?

  • No, there are no costs for account linking or taking part in XR Quests.

How will I get the $XR I have earned for my contribution?

  • tXR is the questing reward currency. In the lead-up to the TGE, a comprehensive audit will be conducted to review individual accounts and quests completed. The results of the audit will define the $XR rewarded to the contributor during the airdrop.

I don’t have a Saltwater Games account.

  • No problem, we will create one for you as you join the XR Quest Platform.

How do I get help and want to find out more?

  • Fear not! For more support or questions, join our Discord or learn more on the Saltwater Games Website. Our community team is always ready to help.

How do referral codes work?

  • Refer as many people as possible by simply copying and sharing your unique referral code. Both you and the receiver will receive 150 tXR every time a referral sets up an account, connects their 'X' account and adds the referral code. 

  • Multipliers are applied to the 150 tXR based on the same rules but only you, the sender, will receive multipliers. The multipliers are applied as follows:

  • 20+ referrals - 1.5x multiplier on all new referrals (150 tXR)

  • 80+ referrals - 1.75x multiplier on all new referrals (150 tXR)

  • 200+ referrals - 2x multiplier on all new referrals (150 tXR)

Where do I get a partner code from?

  • We have a number of partnerships and collaborations in the works. If you have received a partner code from another community, paste it into the quest and receive tXR.

How do the Reward Multiplier NFTs work?

  • Owning a sole-bound Reward Multiplier NFT will provide extra tXR against all the quests you complete after you have purchased the NFT. These NFTs multiply everything that you do during the campaign and will make a significant impact on how much tXR you earn and ultimately the amount of $XR you are a from point of purchase dropped / can claim

  • Multipliers do not stack against referral multipliers

  • There will be a limited supply of Multiplier NFTs and each batch released will have reducing multipliers

  • You will need to connect a self-custody, external wallet to purchase the NFT

  • There will be opportunities to use your Reward Multiplier NFT in collaboration with our projects to receive additional rewards


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