Who we are

About SWG.

Our vision is to bring together the best of emerging technology, creativity and innovation to deliver captivating games and exceptional products.

At Saltwater Games we have a track record of creating the highest quality, most immersive experiences where physical and virtual merge for competition, rewards, education and impact.

Meet The Team

We are at the edge of true immersion...

Saltwater Games is at the forefront of redefining gaming experiences, propelled by the convergence of immersive technologies.

We’re not just creating games - we’re pioneering the next generation of immersive content and experiences.

Where technology & humans meet...

Our use of new technologies should improve the human experience and be born of good intentions.

  • Our games embody human-centric design, connecting us with ourselves, each other, and the world around us.

  • Saltwater Games was founded on the principle that we all should have access to opportunities that technologies enable.

  • Everything we do is to build trust with our gamers, who should feel connected to our communities, and most of all have fun.

To create a future powered by convergence.

Saltwater Games is at the heart of these technologies to deliver our gamers with:

  • The most immersive sensory experiences

  • Frictionless access to frontier innovations in gaming

  • Community-led game development and governance

  • Spectator and fan engagement through UGC and

  • meta-game activities

  • Real-world IP cross-over to bring together communities

  • Real human stories in the digital world


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Maze Theory

We create unique XR games that spark players imaginations through narrative discovery, artistic excellence & physical gameplay mechanics. We are trusted by the world's biggest and most innovative IP holders to bring their worlds to life.

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